Many health care and counseling professionals have begun to learn hypnosis. The benefits of learning hypnosis have become increasingly apparent as more studies are done. Recent research has shown not only the physical benefits but emotional and spiritual benefits have been documented as well.

There are several ways to learn hypnosis that range from professional training to self-teaching.

Many licensed schools teach hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Students are educated about the human mind and how the subconscious differs from our conscious mind.

Before a hypnotist can be successful, they must understand how the mind affects a persons perceptions and behavior. The art of relaxation and the ability to tune out the worries and everyday problems are learned. This may sound easy, but it takes education and years of practice to completely learn hypnosis.

Some students begin to learn hypnosis out of curiosity. They quickly discover that it is more involved than they thought. Learning hypnosis involves understanding the human muscle structure and how it can be relaxed. Relaxation is a very important part of hypnosis. If your subject can't relax they will not be susceptible to hypnosis.

Hypnosis students must also learn how to build rapport with their subjects. The feelings of safety and security must be present before a positive session can take place.
Many who try hypnosis are skeptical in the beginning, so a good rapport and a feeling of security are a must for a successful hypnosis session.

For those that are looking to learn hypnotism for use on themselves or those close to them here is a simple step-by-step process you can use.

1. Choose a safe, quite place where you will not be disturbed and get comfortable.

2. Repeat a series of relaxing statements in your mind for a few minutes. Focus on this series of words or mantra. It doesn't really matter what these words are so long as they relax you.

3. Relax your whole body. Begin at the top of your head and move to the tip of your toes relaxing each muscle group in turn. Allow your eyes to close naturally as you become more deeply relaxed.

4. Begin breathing slowly and deeply allowing each breath to deepen your relaxation.

5. Imagine a relaxing, peaceful place. Begin imagining a staircase with ten stairs, as you climb the stairs you come closer and closer to your peaceful place.

6. Climb the stair slowly on the count of your breathing. When you arrive take a moment to vividly visualize the place in every detail. Become familiar with the smells, sounds and how beautiful the place truly is.

7. Once you are completely relaxed and at peace, you will begin your positive self talk. Repeat to yourself the positive thoughts that you are working on. Be optimistic and positive as you implant your suggestions and use a tone that conveys belief in a good outcome.

8. To end the hypnosis count up to five, open your eyes and take a deep breath. Enjoy the relaxation and positive feeling of refreshment that you feel after hypnosis.